Environmental engineering and geoscience firms combine expertise in engineering and earth science with complementary disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and even economics to develop solutions for complex environmental problems.

Here are three ways working with environmental engineering and geoscience firms benefits clients.

Making Compliance Less Burdensome

Unsurprisingly for an organization that regulates everything from air pollution to infrastructure planning, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a voluminous rulebook. And that’s just at the federal level: states and local authorities have their own environmental rulebooks as well. Understanding this multilayered regulatory regime can be a nightmare. Noncompliance, no matter how inadvertent, can lead to hefty fines and other penalties. Fortunately, environmental engineering and geoscience firms can understand the technical basis for the regulations and how regulations from different programs and agencies interrelate, making the process of compliance faster and more cost-effective.

Making Project Planning and Execution Easier 

Complying with one set of regulations without unintentionally violating a different set can make project planning and execution challenges. Environmental engineering and geoscience firms understand the areas where regulations overlap and where they differ and can assist in other ways as well. For instance, good consulting firms can help negotiate permits, organize reporting paperwork, improve the accuracy of cost estimates, and identify issues that could possibly lead to major problems later.

Lowering Costs 

Greasing the wheels of compliance and pointing out issues that could lead to major problems later are just a few of the ways in which environmental engineering and geoscience firms can help lower your capital and operational costs. These firms can also recommend ways to minimize waste, which reduces operating expenses.  Experienced firms can select the most cost-efficient cleanup technologies for contaminated soil and groundwater, reducing the risk of contamination spreading to other properties and creating expensive third-party liability situations.

Closing Thoughts 

These are a few of the reasons why you should engage an environmental engineering and geoscience firm in your next infrastructure construction or development project. Apart from the obvious environmental engineering and geoscientific credentials, look for a firm that has experience working with your type of project. Such firms can quickly distinguish between the important and the superfluous, allowing you to make quick progress without overlooking important details.

Your organization will benefit from working with an experienced environmental engineering and geoscience firm to help tackle logistical, financial, and regulatory compliance challenges. LCA Environmental, Inc. specializes in providing practical and straightforward solutions to manage business environmental risks effectively. Learn about LCA Environmental, Inc. at www.lcaenvironmental.com.

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