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Texas Risk Reduction Program


Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP)

LCA Environmental, Inc. provides consultations for meeting the regulations of the Texas Risk Reduction Program. The TRRP is the overlying procedural umbrella for all environmental program areas in Texas.


Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP)

In the Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP), a property contaminated exclusively by migration from another location can receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate releases the present owner from blame for the contamination, which must be traceable to a specific off-site responsible party.


Municipal Setting Designations (MSD)

Municipal Setting Designations (MSD) is the newest regulatory program to govern owners of contaminated properties. It only regulates those Texas cities that have passed a local ordinance permitting a restriction on the use of shallow groundwater. LCA Environmental, Inc. provides consulting services for the regulatory closure of MSD.


Petroleum Storage Tanks (PST)

Since 2003, releases from underground tanks have been investigated under the updated protocols of the Petroleum Storage Tanks (PST) program. LCA Environmental, Inc. can ensure you comply with the regulations of the PST program.
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Underground Injection Control (UIC) Wells

Once wells have served their purpose, they are investigated under the TRRP and closed. This process includes installing soil borings and monitoring wells to ensure that the UICs don’t release material into the soil strata. LCA Environmental, Inc. can help you meet the regulations for Underground Injection Control (UIC) Wells.


Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP)

The Voluntary Cleanup Program is the first and oldest program in Texas. It provides regulatory and liability relief for property owners who clean up the contaminated property on their own initiative. A Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) Applicant may not be the person that originally caused the contamination. Still, they must be a person or entity that comes after in the chain of ownership.
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