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LCA Environmental is a leading engineering and construction company that has been solving the world’s most complex environmental challenges for over three decades.

Environmental Infrastructure – We’ve got you covered !

Disposal sites, air filtration systems, energy production facilities and transmission lines; we offer preventive maintenance services as well as emergency response. LCA Environmental engineers are experts in the environment and committed to sustainable solutions.

“Where would our economy and quality of life be without 20th century investments in the interstate highway system, water works, and other elements of critical infrastructure?” ~Mark Boyd

Corridor Assessments

Environmental Infrastructure

Corridor Assessments

For 30 years, we’ve been building and managing infrastructure projects to provide safe water supply, waste disposal, and indoor air quality services. We provide expert services to build sustainable cities and better lives for all.

Consulting Areas

We offer full-service engineering services for transportation infrastructure, water systems, waste disposal and pollution control services to protect human health and safeguard the environment. Services include conceptual design, feasibility analysis, preliminary engineering, final design, construction project management, construction inspection and commissioning.

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