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Environmental Site Assessment & Property Assessments


Drycleaner Investigation - Property Leak Detection

LCA Environmental, Inc. can help minimize the environmental and financial impact of chemical leaks. Our experts can detect any known or potential leaks and release points through which dry cleaning chemicals may leak and pose an environmental hazard to your commercial property.


Environmental Site Assessments - Phase I, II, III & IV

LCA Environmental, Inc. is an expert in the environmental evaluation of commercial properties. Evaluations are carried out in multiple phases, depending on the scope of each project and your business objectives. Typical assessment phases are as follows:

Phase I – Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is conducted in general conformance with ASTM 1527-05. It Includes multiple assessments of additional business environment risk factors.
Phase II-A Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water Contamination Assessment is conducted. We investigate the specific environmental conditions identified in Phase I ESA and generate data.
Phase III – We conduct a Remedial Investigation and/or Opinion of Remediation Cost Estimates. We build on the documentation created in Phase II and seek to determine the extent and severity of an identified contamination problem.
Phase IV – A Remediation System Design and Cleanup Execution incorporates all the findings of the first three phases of investigations to design a cost-effective cleanup of the property.

Petroleum Storage Tank (2)


Engineering & Remedial System Design

LCA Environmental, Inc. is a Texas-registered professional engineering firm. We provide sealed, signed, original construction specifications and system designs for your business. Our experts review pre-existing client specifications and provide optimal engineering solutions.


Landfill Investigations & Methane Monitoring

Our team helps prepare soil, groundwater, and trash management plans (SGTMP) to allow construction work to proceed safely through landfills. Enclosed structures above closed landfills typically require methane monitoring systems, like the PerTect Vapor Traps. LCA Environmental, Inc. often incorporates these systems into our designs.


Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Management

To deal with Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks (LPSTs), you need a TCEQ-registered Corrective Action Specialist. LCA Environmental, Inc. has such a specialist and retains three full-time licensed Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPMs) on staff. Our staff has over 20 years of experience in managing petroleum and chemical underground storage tanks (UST).


Oil & Gas Production Impact Evaluation

Our team examines your properties for the impact of brine and petroleum on soil and shallow groundwater. If any impacts are discovered, we develop remediation and mitigation plans.


Soil & Groundwater Investigations and Clean-Up

LCA Environmental, Inc. often investigates industrial and commercial facilities that are known to be contaminated. We bring project managers with the right skills and experience to our on-site visits. We collect samples and conduct lab tests to determine the level of environmental contamination on your property. Depending on the results, we plan and execute clean-up tasks.


Waste Management - Hazardous/Municipal/Special

The first step in the waste management process is to minimize waste generation. In the case of hazardous waste disposal, we can help you comply with the regulations provided by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments of 1984 (HSWA). LCA can help you segregate the bulk of municipal solid waste (MSW). We will also dispose of special wastes such as petroleum waste and asbestos-containing materials.

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