Mark K. Boyd, PhD, PE, M.ASCELCA’s very own, Dr. Mark Boyd, PE, M.ASCE, chaired the 2021 Texas Infrastructure Report Card Committee. In a series of articles written for Texas ASCE, he share his own infrastructure journey and gives a breakdown of the Report card.

Infrastructure is a critical issue impacting Texas’s economy, society, security and future. That’s why approximately every four years, we develop a report card depicting the condition and performance of Texas’s infrastructure.

Part 1 in a series

The 2021 Texas Infrastructure Report Card, One stop on my Infrastructure Journey

Good news! Texas’ GPA rose to a “C” from the 2017 grade of C-.

The Report Card is all about setting the right priorities and targets for smart infrastructure investment. Getting the Report Card out every 4 years is an important process which establishes continuity of a commonly understood letter grade. The concept has achieved a firm foothold in the consciousness of the state and nation.  The influence of the ASCE Report Card has grown steadily since it was first published nationally in 1998. It has even reached into Hollywood scripts as fictional President Kirkman, played by Kiefer Sutherland…(read the full article at Texas ASCE).



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