Property Management and Building Science Services

LCA works closely with property management firms, property owners and landlords to minimize environmental concerns within the building envelope. Work routinely includes testing for asbestos, mold and lead-based paint. LCA conducts both general and specific indoor air quality (IAQ) surveys, and uses patented technology to test for vapor intrusion from subsurface contamination. LCA also designs and provides air monitoring during material abatement projects.

Recent projects include:

TxDOT Scientific Services Contract, includes Phase I and II, Environmental Site Assessment, Mitigation Plans, Asbestos Inspections and UST Removals – 2013-2015.

$600,000 hazardous material assessments on over 100 commercial properties.

$250,000 Phase I and Phase II assessments on over 100 commercial properties.

$250,000 asbestos and lead paint abatement of prison.

Asbestos abatement of 568,000 sq. ft. former hospital.