Property Assessment and Corrective Action

LCA conducts all levels and types of environmental site assessments, including compliance with ASTM protocols. Other project specific types of property investigation include leaking petroleum storage tank sites, drycleaners, industrial hazardous waste sites and landfills. If findings indicate the need for corrective action, LCA performs engineering and remedial system design to clean up the property followed by a waste management program.

Recent projects include:

TxDOT Scientific Services Contract, includes Phase I and II, Environmental Site Assessment, Mitigation Plans, Asbestos Inspections and UST Removals – 2013-2015.

$600,000 hazardous material assessments on over 100 commercial properties.

$250,000 Phase I and Phase II assessments on over 100 commercial properties.

$250,000 asbestos and lead paint abatement of prison.

Drycleaner solvent contaminated aquifer.