“My Office is Making Me Sick” Investigations

When a complaint comes from a tenant or resident, the nature of the complaint is often no more specific than “My Office, Building, Apartment is Making Me Sick”. This is also sometimes referred to as the “Sick Building Syndrome”.

My office is making me sick.Roofing/plumbing leaks, off-gassing, heating & cooling systems, even office equipment can produce molds, fungus, ozone or noxious odors. Unmitigated sources can create unhealthy conditions for occupants, potential damage claims and deterioration in worker productivity. If you are hearing the phrase, “My Office Is Making Me Sick” you need to investigate the problem.

LCA Environmental will test your office air for contaminants, allergens and other suspicious odors. After determining the source of the offending gas we will help you develop a plan for correcting the situation. Frequently this plan will include continuous monitoring until the problem is corrected.

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