Drycleaner Investigation – Proprietary Leak Detection

Early detection of drycleaning chemical releases is the primary component in minimizing the environmental and financial impact.

Drycleaner Investigations - Prorietary Leak DetectionPhysical identification of known or potential leak, spill or release points or sources is critical to control of on-going, environmentally risky retail or commercial tenants, such as dry cleaning facilities, or in obtaining site closures or remedial plan implementations. Some of these sources can be identified during an on-site audit. Engineering controls to mitigate future releases can be designed.

Drycleaners undergoes leak detectionLCA provides turnkey services in source/process identification, design of release controls, subsurface investigation, and/or oversight of remedy implementation of onsite drycleaner operations. LCA can also assist in development of specifications for new tenant facilities or lease spaces with maximum release containment in mind or training of property managers overseeing drycleaners.

Drycleaner equipmentDrycleaner investigations often require more thorough evaluations than usually encountered in most commercial property transfers. For operating drycleaning facilities, LCA often recommends a compliance audit that focuses on a facility’s adherence to applicable regulations and permit conditions.

Drycleaner under investigation for leaks. LCA may recommend a subsurface vapor survey and/or subsurface sampling inside the drycleaner’s space as part of thorough due diligence. LCA strongly recommends the patented PerTect Vapor Trap™ system.