Construction, Development, and Transportation

LCA Environmental, Inc. provides environmental consulting and support in multiple areas for the construction, development, and transportation industries. Our experienced team provides top-of-the-line services in the following areas.

Recent projects include:

Environmental Compliance Manager for the Renovation of LBJ Freeway (Trinity Infrastructure) in Dallas, TX (5 year contract) – 2011 – 2015.

Environmental deconstruction of former St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Worth, TX (575,000 SF) – 2011-2012. Wrote RFP for Tarrant County Hospital District. Managed asbestos abatement demolition. Achieved 95% recycling of building materials.

Eagle Mountain Dam and Levee and Richland Chambers Dam for Phase I Forensic Inspection; Pumping Tests and Hydrologic Analysis in support of Transient Model for Maximum Probable Flood Impact and estimate of dam and levee structure remaining life span; 2008 – 2012.

4,000 acres of petroleum-impacted oil and gas leases.

All of LCA’s technicians, field scientists and professional staff are 40-hr OSHA HAZWOPR site-safety trained.  LCA conduct environmental construction inspections in contaminated work zones and performs field-screening and monitoring of breathing zone air for volatile organic compounds and other toxic vapors.  LCA also conducts field sampling of soil and groundwater for waste management purposes.

See recent projects for more examples.