Brownfield Redevelopments

LCA Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience in evaluating health and safety exposure pathways at contaminated property. LCA also has years of experience in carrying brownfield properties through such programs as the Voluntary Cleanup Program (in Texas) and securing an official release of present and future environmental liability from the state for LCA’s clients.

Brownfields are properties that have some sort of environmental stigma attached, often resulting from previous development and usage. These properties are more commonly located in urban settings but are also found in rural or lightly developed areas. Normally, brownfields have been assessed and environmental contamination of some sort has been identified.

Some brownfield sites have already been at least partially cleaned up. However, any uncertainty regarding the completeness of past cleanups or the extent of any remaining contamination can cause health and safety concerns for re-occupancy or re-use. Those concerns, in turn, may make leasing, insuring and financing difficult.

Reclaiming contminated property. Pre Brownfield Remediation Example of finished brownfield project Post Brownfield Remediation